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Joe Petree Martial Arts Instructor

Coach Joe Petree is a veteran martial-arts instructor with 27 years of training and teaching experience. He began training in 1988 under 5 time world champion kickboxer, Norris Williams. In 1990 he also began studying a traditional Korean striking style, eventually earning a 2nd Degree black belt in that art. Coach Petree ran his own Traditional Martial Arts school until 2007. In 2008, he began training with Sensei Don Paul Bales at his original MMA gym, Fort Smith Fight Club. During this time period, Coach Petree brought his many years of experience training and teaching to their program. As part of the ongoing instructor development that Coach Petree and Coach Bales pursued, they attended training camps with multiple world class instructors across the country. Most notably, Coach Petree has attended training camps with world class master instructors, Sensei Erik Paulson, founder of Combat Submission Wrestling, and Duke Roufus, founder of Roufusport Kickboxing. As a founding member of Championship MMA, Coach Petree has been recognized by Coach Bales and his teachers, Sensei Greg Cross and Sabumnim Tim Grant as a 3rd Degree Black Belt in our schools MMA curriculum. Over the years, Coach Petree has helped train and develop multiple local Champions. Working extensively with the strength and conditioning of the fighters, mental preparation and strategy, as well as cornering and coaching their fights, Coach Petree is an experienced and respected MMA trainer.

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