Best gym in the state guaranteed. I've trained with these guys for several years. They have a coach for every aspect of mixed martial arts you want. The environment is superb everyone leaves their Ego at the door and everyone learns from everyone. If you are just wanting to get fit this is a good place to do it. If you are wanting to fight in the cage this is the absolute best place to learn the tools you will need to be a successful mixed martial artist. Everyone in this gym is family to me and we are always wanting to add members to this family. So come by and meet the head coach Don Paul Bales and watch a class. You will be hooked just like I was 6 years ago.

Andre B.

I love the place. It has great coaching and great support from all of your teammates.

Tyler M.

I've lost almost 90 pounds since joining and I'm in the best shape of my life, it's full of great people. I can't thank Sensei Bales and the other coaching staff enough for all the changes they have helped me with. Championship MMA is home and the people there are my family as much as anyone.

Nathan W.

Best gym around for combat sports or just waiting to get in shape from the best striking coach fitness and wrestling coaches around. Don't believe me, stop by the dojo and give it a shot!

Brandon B.

If you're like me, as a kid you dreamed about fighting off saiyans from planet earth. This dojo is like kami's lookout and king kai's planet rolled into one. Unlock your true potential like gohan and krillin on namek and train here!!!

Brutus E.

Excellent dojo! Head instructor Don Bales makes an awesome learning environment. Driven by etiquette and teamwork. His years of traing show in his knowledge and passion for the sport. Great place for kids and adults all the same.

Nick T.

You will not find a more professional committed group of champions, this isn't just 'combatives' this is about a rounded, balanced life. It's also a brotherhood that surpasses anything you expect. Come open, leave whole.

Ronnie B.

Best program in Fort Smith for self defense/MMA skills. Great group of selfless people to be around.

Bud B.

An awesome gym for adult MMA fighters and kids that need confidence and self-defense!

Aaron C.

I have received great training in all aspects of life from here.

Tyler W.

Man I pump up good training they say be strong today be stronger tomorrow

Kyle T.

Good program for anyone especially kids. My son has been training for 3yrs and he's very good. It's helping his confidence a lot.

Earl D.

Highly recommend this place. Excellent instructors.

Marco D.

Top rate Dojo. Top rate Instructors.

Kevin D.

Awesome place! Don is an awesome instructor!!

Jamie M.

This's good place for people are looking forward to training. Thumb up!

Scott N.

A good thing for kids growing up on the North

Donald S.
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